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Luigj Frangaj

When support is provided - Kur gjen mbështetje - Being an agronomist by profession, Luigj seems to have realized his cherished dream; He is now the owner of a small farm, thanks to the World Bank support on agriculture. More

Photo herbs

The road to success with bio-products - From a seasonal activity of only 6 months a year, the greenhouses located at the vicinity of Vora village, are now of an all year activity, because the finacing for a refrigerator room enables the conservation of herbs in this room without any problem whatsoever. More

Biduli thumbnail

Micro-credit lets farmers invest in their future - Dashnor and Flamur Biduli, like other Albanians corralled into collective farming, were in a bind when the communist system collapsed. Thanks to a highly successful micro-credit scheme, they have revived their family vineyard. "This is our family's future," says Flamur. More

Helping Alb Communities ...

Helping Albanian communities take charge - All over Albania today, one sees change taking hold. Forests in Pogradec's Bucimas commune are well maintained. The irrigation system in Tirana's Zallherr commune has been increasing farmers' income. More
Stambolliu at Lushnje marketA reliable outlet for fruits and vegetables doubles productivity - At the Lushnje market, funded under the World Bank's Agricultural Services project, farmers have found a reliable outlet for their produce, eliminating the need to drive for hours looking for buyers scattered in different towns and ridding them of the fear that what they grow would not sell. Since the market opened, production in the area has doubled. More
Increasing Albania's EletcricityIncreasing Albania's Electricity Supply- Albania has been facing a major electricity crisis since the summer of 2000. The crisis was, among others factors, the result of excessive demand resulting from a failure to stop illegal use of electricity and nonpayment of bills. However, thanks to the implementation of a Power Sector Action Plan agreed by the Government with the donors, Albania has been making progress since early 2001 in addressing these issues. More
Modernizing Tirana's...

Modernizing Tirana's Tangle of Services - If you were a resident of Tirana, Albania, four years ago and you needed an official answer from the municipality’s information center, you would have to join a line outside a corrugated iron shipping container and wait until one of its small windows opened. More




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